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Peer Review #3!

Kelly’s website, KellyinSaturn, also known as Love, Kelly – is an amalgamation of honesty, creativity and honesty. The theme may seem dark- topics of self harm or abusive relationships, but Kelly does an excellent job of combining these topics with her own thoughtful drawings and provides resources for the reader.  Kelly’s marketing of “A journey in self-care 23 years in […]

Interview With the Owner of Iron Dog Books!

This week I virtually interviewed Hilary Atleo, one of the owners of Iron Dog Books – located on 2671 E Hastings Street in Vancouver, BC! Iron Dog Books began as Vancouver’s “first modern-day mobile bookstore” in 2016, and opened up a store space in late 2019, right before COVID-19 sent British Columbia into lockdown. Iron Dog Books stands out as […]

Vancouver Public Library Resources

When I was at the VPL the other day there were so many advertised workshops that I don’t see advertised on social media or online (unless you go to look.) So here is my VPL infographic, clearly outlining workshops and resources for readers and writers!

Peer Review #2!

In this week’s peer review, I was assigned to Edelweiss’ website http://letterelle.com/ and I immediately fell in love! The clever title and unique colours immediately draw the viewer into the site. Her “about me” section explains where the title came from and why it’s extra special and unique to her as a moderator. My only wish for Letter Elle is […]

Why You Should Have a Goodreads Account!

If you, like me, are not only obsessive with your book buying and reading, but also organizing and tracking, then I recommend a goodreads account. Goodreads is for those of us who can’t wait to get our hands on a sequel, while also tracking the books we have and haven’t read.  You can set your yearly goal to encourage your […]

Read with Me! Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner

Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner is an effervescent story of love, reconciliation, grieving and self-reflection.  A deeply personal memoir meant to place you in the time and space of the narrator, while also leaving room for your own feelings and reflection. Zauner perfectly encompasses the fragility of fraught mother-daughter relationships, and the effectiveness of reaching out and cultural […]

Massy Books and The Vancouver Black Library

Massy Books, Living Wage, and The Vancouver Black Library! On February 1st, Massy Books was announced to be the first bookstore in British Columbia to be a living wage employer! This is an integral aspect of a healthy working environment, as Massy Books has already been known to be. Massy is setting the tone as a store with fair working […]

Peer Review 1!

The blog I am reviewing today is http://www.hannahelizabethj.com// . Hannah’s blog (hannahelizabethj.com) is focused on social media promotion, primarily Instagram and TikTok, and how to grow and market yourself on each respective platform. Hannah has chosen a monochrome, white and neutral-coloured theme. I think this accomplishes the “look” she is trying to market, and her use of images pushes her […]