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Peer Review #2!

In this week’s peer review, I was assigned to Edelweiss’ website http://letterelle.com/ and I immediately fell in love! The clever title and unique colours immediately draw the viewer into the site. Her “about me” section explains where the title came from and why it’s extra special and unique to her as a moderator. My only wish for Letter Elle is that it went on to explain “All Things Y2K and Hallyu” as the opening page reads. Like I said, I love the colours and lay out of Elle’s site, and my suggestion would be to explain the meaning behind the Y2K content in the “About Me” section since it is a common theme of the website itself. 

Elle’s About Me Page

The niche-ness of Elle’s post’s make her website interesting and engaging, and personable, as if you really are conversing with Elle. For the posts themselves, I wish Elle would put her own twist or opinion, in lieu of general pop music content. Because the bands she has posted about aren’t as mainstream as pop bands, my suggestion would be for Edelweiss to explain why they mean so much to her. 

I see Elle has a pending post titled “So…Why Y2K?” which is an awesome play on words! I am so excited for this post as I imagine it will address my previous concerns. My suggestion would be to put this on the main page for viewer accessibility. 

In Elle’s last review, written by Genevieve at: https://genevievegignac.ca/2022/01/27/pub-201-peer-review-1/ she mentions how much she enjoys the colour and atmosphere of Elle’s blog, which I completely agree with. I also appreciated how Genevieve highlighted how Elle will interact with her audience and get any type of feedback or analytics from them, which is fair feedback. Elle has added a “message me” contact page which I think will help with that issue!

I really enjoy the small quirks Edelweiss has placed in her site, like the “Mmmm…” on the search bar and the “Recent Posts” on the right of the site. I am SO excited to read her forthcoming letters. 

I really enjoy the direction Elle is going in, she’s chosen such an interesting and unique theme, and I’m so excited to see how all of her posts end up intersecting. It’s really smart to play on the Y2K current trend and the rise of Korean dramas and music. You can tell who Elle’s target audience is, and once she has more content up I am so sure it will take off as a fun, quirky, informative and personable site! Thank you Elle!

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